Best Boxing Gloves Made in the USA

If you are new in the field and business of boxing you may be confused about boxing gloves because boxing gloves have different types and subtypes before choosing boxing gloves you have to focus on 4 key points

1 Material  

What is the material used in gloves normally there are two types of material used in boxing gloves Leather, and Racine after that you have to focus on their durability

2 Style/Type

Boxing gloves are available in different types but you have to focus on a pair of gloves that suits your wrist and your gloves didn’t move anywhere and should fit on your hand

3 Intend

What boxing gloves are designed for

4 Weight

Choose the right boxing gloves for you according to your weight

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are divided into different types which we will discuss in this blog

  • Custom Boxing Gloves

custom boxing gloves can be used as an alternative to training gloves. Best custom boxing gloves are used in a match as official boxing gloves allowed by WBO. The material used in custom gloves are Top grain tanned leather has long durability and it is cheap comparatively training gloves

  • Training Gloves

Training gloves are the ideal gloves for practicing on heavy bags and training with your partner. Most high-quality training gloves are made of leather. it has a lot of qualities, for example, it covers your knuckles with thick foam that protects your hand and wrist from any injury it has long durability and because of that, it’s a little bit expensive. It is also available in different styles like lace-up boxing gloves

If you can not afford Training boxing gloves then you can use custom boxing gloves as its alternative

And Velcro boxing gloves. it provides good stability around the wrist these boxing gloves are also available in neoprene. Apart from that, it is the most important boxing glove because it protects the wrist hand, and knuckles during practice

  • Punching Bag Gloves

Boxing bag gloves are also known as punching bag gloves normally bag gloves are made of neoprene. The advantages of punching bag gloves are it has thin padding and minimal support and are great for practicing light bag it has disadvantages they didn’t have protection like the training gloves have. It provides the boxer to feel free and gives protection to the wrist during practice. But it is less protected for beginners and those who want to practice in a heavy bag. It is made of neoprene instead of leather

  • Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are bigger and it has more advantages than bag and training gloves because it designed to protect your hand and wrist from injuries and you can practice with them in a heavy bag. Sparring Gloves are designed   to protect you and your partner also when you are sparring in the ring and they increase the speed of your punching and make your punch heavy so you can hit your opponent very hard if you can afford only a pair of training gloves you should choose boxing sparring gloves

  • Competition Gloves

competition gloves are made of leather. And is a combination of Training gloves and lace-up gloves. It has long durability these gloves should be used by a boxer who wants to go pro boxing. Most competitive boxing standard also required those boxing gloves who has a lace-up with them rather than Velcro boxing gloves because they fit with your hand and don’t move anywhere during the match

  • Mexican boxing gloves

You will be surprised to know that these are the only gloves in the world that are not made of leather Racine or neoprene instead of all these materials it is made traditionally with horse hair. It has a separate identity because most of the boxing gloves that are made traditionally are think awkward these are the only Mexican boxing gloves that are still used in the world and they are very famous. These boxing gloves have long durability and it  looks like boxing gloves lace up

  • Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai boxing gloves are associated with kickboxing Muay Thai is a kind of martial art because the boxer is allowed to use the elbows and legs to hit the opponent but in boxing, you can use only your hand to injure your opponent. If you hit your opponent with kicks and elbows you have a chance to get 8 important points. Muay Thai boxing is very similar to training boxing gloves. But it has some differences from training gloves like it has more padding on the sides which provides more grip to the hand and didn’t move anywhere which helps the boxer to hit hard at full speed. It has a very flexible palm area for grip. These Boxing gloves are available in leather and nubrine it has very long durability the disadvantage which it has is it is a little bit expensive.

  • MMA Gloves

Mixed martial arts Gloves are known as MMA Gloves. MMA gloves are made of leather and Racine but it didn’t cover the all fingers of a fighter because he has to hit hard and injured his opponent These boxing gloves are designed in a variety. After all, the fighter has to use it back of the hand and it has very strong padding and grip around the wrist because a fighter can not afford that his gloves to move here and there during the match This boxing glove has long durability.

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